Demo June '12

by Offwhite Flag

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Dedicated to Q!ShamanJNlM and Rachel


released June 12, 2012

All instruments were played by me with varying degrees of success.


tags: pop Olympia


all rights reserved


Offwhite Flag Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Kiddie Ballads
When we were kids we used to play in the trailer park, spending hours and hours underneath the boardwalk patios. And when the neighbor dogs would start to fight, we would return to the yards where we started 'cause you were too cold in your tube top.
Track Name: Wooden Ladder
You used to say cloud cover was dead relatives speaking to you, I was never sure what it meant. But we climbed atop the shed to listen. We tried to get higher but couldn't.

For the ladder was made out of wood.

The bleating sopranos we'd come to associate with summer seemed to have disappeared. We checked under the porch and the kittens there had grown stiff. We tried to learn what they wanted but couldn't.

For the ladder was made out of wood.
Track Name: Tales from a Single Parent Household
Hours spent stealing from your dad's CDs
The music was a piecemeal mystery
And my new shoes became a part of me
I was naked except for my clothes
I never got around to asking why he didn't live with your mom anymore.

She always seemed impossible, she always kept her bird feeders full.

So we hid away in your room
With the window half-open in mid-October
The radio was on and the TV was muted
The alarm clock rang at 11 PM
Your bedside lamp was a black light
We used it to read magazines
Track Name: Scumbag
Dear raccoon,

I want your life, copy my mannerisms while you live in your house of garbage.

It's been a while since I brought up your unwashed clothes and the look in your eyes when you see clean sheets. Our group of friends remains the same, just a new word is thrown around more often.

Track Name: Growing Older, Getting Growner
Sometimes it isn't so strange to remember that someday we'll be our parents' age with a whole new set of pets with all new names or at least a number suffix (or at least a number suffix).

I realize the ground is the moving part, but how much bearing does it have on my height and how I think of death?